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Pirou fortified castle : a site to discover

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A masterpiece of medieval military architecture, go all over one of the most ancient Normand fortified castle, among the best conservation thanks to the great restoration started since 1966, under the support of the Abbot Marcel Lelégard. (1925-1994)

Built in the12th century, on an artificial island, the defensive gates lead into an exceptional complex : the bakery, the cider-press, the Court Room (with the Tapestry of Pirou), the old lodge, (guardroom, dining room, kitchens).

Let you surprise by the fabulous legend of the Pirou Geese, you immerse to the medieval period and discover 9 centuries of history.

A tour alone

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We suggest this visit for groups composed of more than two classes which can’t have access of a conference visit.

A questionnaire, “livret jeune” (notebook), is given before the visit to the teacher. This document allows pupils to discover the site in a playful and didactic way.

Guided tour in the fortified castle

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This tour is adapted to discover the evolution of the construction, the pupil learn the different steps of the Middle-Age History. Time : 1 hour (approximately)

One day in the Middle-Age

Atour alone or a guided tour

Abbaye de La Lucerne à 45 min de route du Château de Pirou {PNG}
This year, we propose to schools, an entire day to discover La Lucerne Abbey and the Pirou Fortified Castle, the pupil can develop his knowledge on the Middle-Age, religious and fortified constructions.

For a thematic tour with more information, you can contact our service.

Tour of the Abbey + Pic-Nic + Educational activity + Visit of the Pirou Fortified Castle

Educational File for teachers

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Our brochure

Established in a Viking site, Pirous’ fortified castle was founded in the 12th century. The old legend of the geese is one of the most popular in the Cotentin ; it pretends to link the origin of the castle to the Scandinavian invasions.

A fortified castle dates from the 12th century...

Situated in the region of Coutances, it is situated in 8km in the southwest of Lessay and in 1,2km of the beach.

Artisanal goods

Come to discover a set of goods issued from the artisanal work of Normand monasteries and abbeys and somewhere else….

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